LIESE-Muffler Systems for Light Aircraft
                                       Small, light and effective!
                                              No loss of Power!
                           Certified by german LBA and EASA
Our new Silencer system uses a totally new principle of noise reduction without any moving parts or loose damping materials.
The silencers are really small and fit inside existing mufflers of most General Aviation Aircraft, f.i. Cessna 152, -172, -182 and -210.
For aircraft without mufflers of suitable diameter we have developed small endpipe slilencers, f.i. Cessna-150, Piper PA-28, PA-38 and Mooney M-20.
The additional weight due to our silencer typically is less then 2 lbs.
With the LIESE-Silencer we meet the strict german noise limits and in most cases achieve noise levels of 5 to 6 dB(A) below the german limit.
Some examples of measured noise levels with LIESE-Silencer ( Annex 16, Chapter X ):
Aircraft Type      Meas. Noise Level     German Noise Limit        ICAO/EASA Noise Limit
Cessna-150-M        66,1 dB(A)                  71,8 dB(A)                   73,7 dB(A)
Cessna-172-N        70,1 dB(A)                  77,2 dB(A)                   83,8 dB(A)
Cessna-210-F        78,6 dB(A)                   85,0 dB(A)                  88,0 dB(A)
Piper PA-28-181   74,1 dB(A)                   79,2 dB(A)                  85,3 dB(A)
Piper PA-38          67,3 dB(A)                   72,4 dB(A)                  79,3 dB(A)
We are holding more than 70 EMZ’s ( german STC’s ) for the most common  types of General Aviation Aircraft with more than 350 certified noise  values for different Models, Engines and Propellers.
Some types of A/C we can offer LBA/EASA-certified LIESE-Silencer-Systems.
Outside EASA the approval of our LBA/EASA certifications depends on the local regulations of each country.
Beech-33, -35 und -36 ( all Versions with Conti. IO-520 )
Beech "Baron" ( non Turbo ), Beech "Duke"
Britten Norman BN-2 ( with 260 und 300 HP )
Bölkow BO-209-150/160 "Monsun"
Bölkow-208 "Junior"
Cessna-150 to C-(F)150-M
Cessna-170/172 with Conti O-300
Cessna-(F)172-K to -P ( Lyc. O-320 )
Cessna-172-R ( with Lyc. IO-360 )
Cessna-FR172  "Rocket" and "Hawk XP"
Cessna-172 RG and C-177 RG "Cardinal"
Cessna-(F)182-A to -R ( Conti. O-470-L, -R, -S, -U )
Cessna  182-S, -T
Cessna-210-D to -R( Conti. IO-520 with 285 and 300 HP )
Fuji FA-200-160 and -180
Grumman AA-5, AA-5-A, AA-5-B and AG-5-B
Jodel DR-250/160,  360, 400/140 and 400/160 ( Lyc. O-320 )
Jodel DR 253B,  DR300/180R, DR400/180, DR400/180R
Mooney M20-B to -J  ( Lyc. O-360 and IO-360 )
Mooney M20K ( Mooney 231 )
Morane MS-880 and Rallye 100 S-D and ST-D
Morane MS-892, MS-893
Morane MS-894
Navion H
Piaggio (FW) P 149
Piper J3C/L4 ( Conti. C-65 bis C-90 )
Piper PA-18 with Conti C90, Lyc. O-290, Lyc. O-320
Piper PA-28-140 to -181 incl. Archer III ( Lyc. O-320 and O-360 )
Piper PA-28-R180 to -RT201
Piper PA-32 ( 300 HP )
Piper PA-38 "Tomahawk"
Rockwell 112
Rockwell 114 and 114-A
Socata TB-9 with 2-Blatt Hartzell or 3-Blatt MT-Constant-Speed-Prop.

          In France contact:

          Mr.Henri Payre

          9 rue de Guebwiller
          F-67100 Strasbourg
          Phone : +33 (0) 6 06 82 18 39
          e-mail: henri.payre@gmail.com or henripayre@aol.com

InGreat Brittain contact:

White Waltham Airfield Ltd Engineering Department       Att.: Mr. Pete  Shaw

White Waltham  Airfield
Berkshire SL6  3NJ
Tel.: +44 (0)1628 823276
Fax: +44 (0)1628 825975
e-mail: ops@wlac.co.uk

                      E-mail: hliese@t-online.de    

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